„Atilla’s empires – triumph and collapse“ by arch. Hristo Genchev

“Atilla’s empires – triumph and collapse”  presents  both  the  genesis  of  the relationships  between  Russia  and  the  West  (NATO,  EU,  etc.),  and  the fundamental differences in how these societies organize themseves and how they utilize  the  spaces  available.  These  differences  are  essentially  criteria  for  the implementation  of  the  Bulgarian  foreign  policy,  but  also  for  the  rationales  in constituting our society.

Seen through this prism, the battle for dominance between the rational and the ideological  in  our  national  society  shapes  the  behaviour  of  the  main  political players,  who  are  torn  between  the  imposed  perestroika-  and  post-perestroika obscured dependencies, on the one side, and the public demand to stand up for the values of Freedom (of initiative) and Equality (before the law).

The unbiased reader would not but get convinced of the crying need for a deep rethinking of the processes and mechanisms for the formation of national policy. A  key  component  of  this  effort  is  the  reconstruction  of  the  system  for  security and  defence  and  defence  capability  building,  adequate  to  the  challenges,  risks and  threats  of  the  present  and  the  future  security  environment.   Bulgarian’s membership in NATO and the EU is the only prerequisite.Because, as the author predicted, the weakness of Bulgaria is likely to be used to cause major conflicts between Russia and the West. This  is  a  huge  risk  with  predictable,  tragic  for  the  country  and  nation consequences.

“Instead  of  uniform  and  introverted  development:  offensive pathos  and  enthusiasms  followed  by  despondently  escape  and  sackcloth  and ashes.  If  this  is  allowed  to  happen  again  in  Bulgaria,  Bulgarians  will  again become satellites of Chaos. “

How  to  prevent  this  peril?  The  answer  is  the  formation  of  a  new,  nonideological  matrices  layered  political culture,  reproducing  sustainable  societal development.

This edition is supplemented by a new Part Six describing possible scenarios for  the  involvement  of  this  country  in  the  major  conflicts  of  Russia  with  the West.  The  probability  of  occurrence  of  this  or  similar  scenarios  confirms  the necessity  to  implement  adequate  policies  for  accelerated  development  and strengthening the ability of our society to defend itself.

Iliya Nalbantov

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